Our Formulas + Ingredients

Formulas are our main priority here at Pink Root Products. We don't want our products to just hold a style, we want them to give your hair the nourishment it needs so it can thrive just like you. We use ingredients that provide long term benefits to your hair so the more you use our products the better your hair looks and feels over time. We don't use silicones, parabens, mineral oils, fragrances or synthetic colorants in any of our products and all of our formulas are certified cruelty free.

We incorporate a diverse mix of oils, vegetable proteins, and butters to provide your hair with ultimate hydration and strength. The ingredients we pick are naturally derived or extracted from plants, seeds, and nuts and are meant to support the health of your curls. Whether it promotes hair growth, increases elasticity or deeply moisturizes, each one of our core ingredients serves a purpose in the revitalization of your hair. No stone is left unturned throughout the process of creating and developing our unique formulas. 


Click through each ingredient to see which formula they are incorporated into. Some ingredients are universal so they are used in each formula. Take a look!