Get Rooted

  • Wash day with Pink Root Products!

    When speaking with other naturals and the conversation of wash day pops up, its either met with enthusiasm or dislike followed by comments such as ‘wash day takes too long’ or ‘it takes hours to detangle my hair’. We all know that wash day is not just a routine but more like a carefully planned ritual that can take months to even years to lock down! View Post
  • How to pick the right product for your hair

    Starting your natural hair journey can be a road to discovery, a magical journey where you get to explore and have fun with your natural hair. However, picking the right products is not always the simplest of things, what may work for one may not necessarily work for another. Here are a few tips to help guide you through the process.  View Post
  • #GETROOTED in Embracing the Crown - Recap

    Missed the second episode of our virtual series? Here's the downloadable recap of everything we discussed during our Zoom chat! View Post