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  • How to get your hair growth game up this year!

    We all strive to obtain healthy natural hair that flourishes and curls that instantly pop! Let’s be honest though, there is no magic hair vitamin that can grow your mane overnight regardless of what you see on the gram. Some may say long hair is due to good genes or the fact individuals take tim... View Post
  • Encountering heat damaged hair? We share our tips on how to revive those curls!

    At some point in our lives, we have all suffered from heat damaged hair. It's no secret that heat can be a real curl killer that leaves your hair brittle, limp, and questioning its mere existence. An excessive amount of heat at high temperatures can gradually cause severe cuticle damage that can... View Post
  • 6 Tips to on how to keep your curls alive this winter

    The season for chunky scarves, hats and frothy hot chocolate is upon us and for us natural hair sisters this can be a disaster due to the colder weather on our natural tresses. The Winter season can be harsh to not only our skin but our hair too. Lower temperatures can have a negative impact on ... View Post