Time to go Auburn for Autumn? The Trending Hair Color of the Season!

Time to go Auburn for Autumn? The Trending Hair Color of the Season!

The new phenomenon of Auburn hair color is everywhere! From our favorite beauty influencers, TiK Tok creators, to the girl next door, we are loving this trend and what better shade for the Autumn season? A middle-ground hue between red and brunette, it looks amazing on textured hair when done correctly.

Red hues look great on many skin tones but remember to find the right shade that doesn’t drown you out and to also keep your hair healthy throughout this process. Not sure which tone works best for you? We have it covered! We share some of the different shades of the rich and multi-dimensional hair color that we’re currently loving along with some tips to keep your hair damage-free while you experiment.

Rich Copper

We love this shade of copper and it’s a little more on the red side. This is the perfect hue if you want a fun look for the frostier season and also a fantastic way to spice up your curls. The color creates a gorgeous contrast between darker tones. If you are not sure how to achieve this color at home, we would recommend going to a qualified hairstylist so you don’t fry your gorgeous curls.


Spicy Red

sza red hair color

Spicy cherry red is the newest hair color in town! It is absolutely everywhere, and we love it. A fitting shade for the colder season, we would recommend you keep a healthy hair routine that includes lots of moisture when dyeing textured hair which can be prone to damage if not hydrated. Use a good leave in conditioner that will keep your hair nourished, prevent hair loss, and add that shine and volume which will keep your curls thriving in the autumn and winter. So go crazy for red!


Fierce Highlights

red highlights on curly hair

Just in case you’re not bold enough to go the whole way with dyeing your curls why not experiment with highlights? This looks great on curly hair and is one of our personal favorites. With the right hairstylist, you can achieve the perfect highlights of your dreams. Giving you a vibrant new look for the season make sure to explore alternatives to permanent hair dye and always opt for a gentle and sulfate-free shampoo that will cleanse your curls thoroughly and remove any build-up. Starting off with a good base to prevent any damage in the long run.


Auburn Hue

auburn hair color on black woman

It’s all about embracing auburn hues this season and we can’t stress enough how much we love this color on melanated skin. This red-brown tone looks sensational on curly hair giving your hair that extra shine and bounce. Deep conditioning your hair during wash days will help your curls to flourish and allow the color to shine throughout the autumn.


Dark Ginger 

dark ginger curly hair

From global fashion week events in Paris, New York, and London, it looks like Ginger colored hair was having a serious moment and we are totally here for it. If you’re considering going ginger, you’re not alone, with the likes of Zendaya and SZA, everyone is loving this color this season. Coloring your curls does not have to be problematic, however looking after the shade and most importantly the health of your hair will keep your texture flourishing and looking super cool during this time!

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