About Us

Our Mission:

We don’t believe in bad hair, just bad hair care. Pink Root Products was created to help improve the transition from chemically treated and heat damaged hair to natural hair. Ingredients are carefully chosen to nurture all textures and hair types from wavy to curly to kinks and coils. Our products are designed to revitalize damaged hair and promote new growth by infusing nutrient rich and organic ingredients into our formulations. Our products repair damage, increase manageability, lock in moisture and promote a healthy scalp. We want to help simplify your hair routine so you can enjoy your curls.

Our Story:

Pink Root Products was founded in New York City in 2015 by Mariel Mejia, a young college student from the Bronx. After years of using relaxers from the short age of 11, she found herself left with brittle, dry hair from all the damage caused by chemicals and heat. To try to bring her hair back to life, she decided that she was going to try the natural route. But, like so many transitioning girls with a thick head of hair that they haven’t a clue what to do with, nothing from the local beauty supply store was working to truly revive her curls. She found that these products only held a style for about a few hours but once the hair was fully dry, it was back to being dull and lifeless. 

Determined to find a solution, she began experimenting with butters like Shea, Mango and Cocoa and oils like Avocado, Grapeseed and Castor, to try to bring to her hair what it needed most; moisture. By whipping up an assortment of organic ingredients together in her mother's kitchen, she created her very first product, a curl enhancer, which would not only just hold a style but repair damage, control frizz and add shine. As she continued on her hair journey with only using the formulas she created, she began to see a dramatic difference in the texture of her hair. It was softer, defined, manageable, and most important of all, growing!

Through new and advanced formulations, Pink Root Products relaunched in 2019 and has been continuing to aid in the natural hair journey for so many beginners and veterans alike by using organic elements in every product that we cultivate. We make products for all hair types from “s” curls to 4c curls, or however you like to identify your hair. We’ve got an ingredient that your hair will love. Our mission is to help you enjoy your curls and help you build hair confidence.