6 Tips to Keep Your Curls Alive This Winter

6 Tips to Keep Your Curls Alive This Winter

The season for chunky scarves, hats and frothy hot chocolate is upon us and for us natural hair girlies this can be a disaster due to the colder weather on our natural tresses. This season can be harsh to not only our skin but our hair too. Lower temperatures can leave our hair parched which can cause breakage in the long run. Protecting your beloved curls until spring is very much needed as our hair yearns to stay hydrated and is key to maintaining its natural elasticity. So, we have come up with a few tips to help your hair thrive in the winter season.


finger detangling curly hair

Let those fingers do the work

We all love our tangle tweezers, afro combs, denman brushes you name it! However using your fingers limits the stress on your curls. Running your fingers through your wet hair can help to check for any knots and pesky tangles. You can use conditioner to help make the process easier.


prepoo curly hair

Pre-poo before you wash your hair

Pre-poo works wonders on the hair, this can be done before you add the shampoo, hence the name. Pre-pooing with your favorite oil or conditioner is the best way to prevent damage during shampooing. The process has become popular over the years due to its many benefits such as restoring moisture and shine, protecting the hair from the harsh shampoo process, and making detangling easier, it's no wonder so many curies opt for this step in their weekly routine.


Make silk your best friend at night

Using a silk pillowcase goes a long way! Silk pillowcases have smooth fibers that prevent breakage and frizz while you’re rolling around whilst you sleep which can affect your curls in the long run. Since there may be a lack of moisture in our hair due to the colder weather, the pillowcases can improve hair hydration and leave you with smoother frizz free hair. It's definitely worth investing in a luxury silk pillowcase.



Use the LCO method

The LCO method which stands for liquid, cream, and oil, plays an integral part in your winter hair routine to help retain moisture. During this time, it is super important to properly moisturize to avoid breakage and extensive dryness. Your liquid can be a leave in conditioner, your cream can be a curl enhancing lotion, and your oil can be your favorite carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond. This really helps lock in moisture and keeps your hair moisturized for days after washday.


curly haircut

Trim those ends

Trimming your natural hair is vital for your curls to flourish! A key sign that its time for a trim is if your hair is frizzy, dry and will not hold a style for too long. It has been recommended to trim your hair every 3 to 4 months as this allows room for your hair to grow and thrive. if you prefer doing your haircuts at home, we would not recommend using household scissors but instead hair sheers. If you are not feeling so confident, go to a hair stylist and get rid of those spilt ends. Benefits of trimming the hair is promoting healthy hair and preventing single strand knots.


Deep Condition

Deep conditioning is great for promoting hair growth and key for moisture. Deep conditioning biweekly with your favorite deep conditioner from roots to end helps to keep the hair hydrated and reduce damage and breakage. It also helps to restore and repair damaged hair. Restoring and strengthening natural hair and maintaining moisture levels.

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