Wash day with Pink Root Products!

When speaking with other naturals and the conversation of wash day pops up, its either met with enthusiasm or dislike followed by comments such as ‘wash day takes too long’ or ‘it takes hours to detangle my hair’. We all know that wash day is not just a routine but more like a carefully planned ritual that can take months to even years to lock down! But wash day can also be self-care time which is much needed due to the current climate that the world is facing.

For years, women and especially women of color have used hair as a form of self-expression, self empowerment, and identity. Everyone has a different hair texture and pattern and some of us experience major hair shrinkage when we wash our hair and some of us do not. We all have our own experience with our hair whether positive or not. However, wash day should not be burdensome rather be considered as some sort of gratification. At Pink Root Products we believe in changing the narrative of natural hair by creating signature formulas without the use of harsh products and chemicals. It is our mission to create formulas that will enhance your curl pattern but also help you keep your hair manageable throughout the week so wash day doesn't feel so daunting. 

Here are some products that we think you can incorporate for your wash day, thanks us later!

Step One:

Leave in Conditioner:  With key ingredients such as Castor oil, Vitamin E oil and Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil. Nourish your hair with this super creamy leave-in conditioner. This will help you to improve scalp circulation and prevent hair loss. Great for adding shine and increasing volume. The perfect leave in conditioner for wash day. Combating problems areas such as dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. There is a plethora of benefits of using a leave in conditioner such as detangled knotted hair, acting as a barrier against heat and making hair more responsive to styling.

Why not follow this by using our Micro Fibre Towel?!

A Micro Fiber Towel causes less strain and friction which your hair maybe exposed to when using a normal towel. Our Microfiber Towel is designed to reduce frizz when you dry your hair which preps your hair for a smooth styling. It prevents damage while cutting your drying time in half as this material can absorb up to 5 times its weight. This towel is an absolute must in your hair regimen!

Step Two:

Our curl enhancing lotion, this lotion is packed with ingredients that will take your curls to the next level. The curl enhancing lotion is great for producing moisture and protection against breakage. Curl enhancing lotions are great for untamed hair and those pesky flyways.

Step Three:

After you decide on what hairstyle you are going to rock, why not finish it off with our curly styling paste which will add sleek and shine to your hair with this humidity defying curl styling paste. Ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter and vitamin E oil.  Not only locking in moisture it also controls frizz. Ideal for hairstyles such as Braid outs and Twists.

There you have a wash day routine with Pink Root Products, we would love to hear your thoughts on how your wash day went.

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