How to Protect Your Curls Against UV Sun Damage with Baobab Protein

How to Protect Your Curls Against UV Sun Damage with Baobab Protein

Summer is officially here, and we are loving every minute of it - I mean who doesn’t? Good vibes, cookouts, and most importantly the warm weather. We all know how much the dry winter weather plays havoc on our hair so when the weather get’s warmer we love to let our curls loose. However, it does not mean we can leave our hair to its own devices and we still need to put the work in to help it thrive for the sunny season. 



As you know by now, we only stick to healthy and toxic free ingredients in our formulas so it's only right to shine light on the amazing UV fighting and anti-aging capabilities of Baobab. Baobab Protein, a naturally derived vegetable protein produced from the seeds of Adansonia Digitata, the upside-down tree from Africa, not only fights frizz but it also prevents hair damage, improves manageability, and acts as a natural alternative to silicone for that super-smooth feel we all love. We use this ingredient in our curl enhancing lotion for its many benefits and it's an even better ingredient for summer styling. We delve deeper into the benefits of Baobab protein and why you should start using it. 


  • As the world is slowly adjusting to normality with workers returning to the office a few days a week, our hair is more exposed to everyday environmental stressors which can have a negative affect on our curls  which can age your hair remarkably just like your skin. Baobab Protein provides an anti-aging treatment including damage recovery, protection from damage, nourishment, and strength and conditioning effects. 



  • Baobab has long lasting moisturizing properties and can provide hydration. It works great for locking in moisture and helps to protect your hair against excessive heat styling and damage. If you suffer from extreme dandruff and an itchy scalp, it can help to counteract this by keeping your strands moisturized.


  • Hydrolyzed Baobab Protein has been tested on African, Brazilian, and Caucasian hair, and has been shown to have positive results in all 3 hair types.



  • Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and F and infused with a plethora of amino acids, this protein easily conditions the hair shaft. It’s easily absorbed without leaving behind a greasy feel that may be expected with other alternatives. It is silky smooth with a mild and pleasant scent.


There are a ton of benefits to incorporating this ingredient into your natural routine and we make it even easier to do so with our curl enhancing lotion. Formulated with other carrier oils like avocado oil, mango butter, and rose essential oil, this product is your go-to formula for the summer months so you can make it to fall damage-free! 

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