Hot Curl Summer - Natural Hair Trends for Summer

Hot Curl Summer - Natural Hair Trends for Summer

The warmer weather is about having minimal effort, care-free hairstyles and no we are not telling you to miss your wash days but it’s all about having fun with your hair. So, stick around, we have all the hair inspiration you need this season. Hot curl summer pending!  



Cornrows have been around longer than we can remember and are worn in many different cultures. We love cornrows as they’re perfect for the summer weather. Minimal effort and stress free, they look great day or night. You can wear them down or tie in a bun at the back for a sleeker look. We love how they’re making a serious comeback with celebrities and the girl next door opting for the style.


Natural Texture Fringe

The fringe is back with a twist, the hairstyle trend that possesses immense staying power came from the Ancient Egyptians using blunt styles across their forehead for natural hair and wigs. We have seen fringes come in and out of fashion with our fave celebs to the girl next door rocking them. The age defying beauty trend has been resurrected once again with a bit of a twist. Who would have thought to merge two contrasting hair styles, textured hair with the nostalgic current hair trend the fringe! What we love about the style is that it is versatile so you can wear up in a bun or leave your curls in an afro. It's definitely a hairstyle we're looking forward to seeing this summer. 


Sew in's are back

Remember a few years ago when everyone and their aunty was wearing a weave? They were the trendiest and probably the most practical hairstyle for WOC. It was used as a protective style and required minimal maintenance making them a no-brainer for so a lot of us. Due to many women reverting back to their natural hair, we saw a huge decline in weaves with many individuals opting for wigs to protect their natural hair. Well, who would have thought? Sew ins are back and better than before.

Social media enthusiasts are sharing their latest sew ins, tape ins and micro links on TikTok and all over Instagram. With more care and protection for our natural tresses, it has been reported that hairstylists have seen an increase in this style coming back. Due to its versatility and natural look, we are seeing more of our 4C sisters wear weaves and blending their natural hair leave-out. Are you getting your weave done for the Summer? It could save you a lot of time and stress this season!


Curly Layers

Curly hair has had a huge impact on the hair industry since it's boom in the early 2010's. From layers to bobs and textured fringes, it seems like everyone is loving their curls and are finding new ways to make the versatile hair work.  Curly layers look great and gives you that added illusion of length and helps generate volume. We can’t wait to see more of the layered look this summer!

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