Looking After Your Curls During the Summer

Looking After Your Curls During the Summer

Finally, summer has arrived and we are all determined to have a Hot Girl Summer!  That means looking and feeling your best. Keeping our curly hair in the best condition through the warmer months is a must, we want our ringlets to be juicy, luscious, and most importantly, healthy! At Pink Root Products, we are all about healthy curls. The aim is to help your hair survive and thrive in the sun because curly hair can become problematic in the hotter season as the heat can be a little more intense for our hair. The hot sun can be super drying for our tresses and the air can be humid causing our curls to expand. Caring for your curls during this season is just as important as you would care for your curls in the colder seasons.

We spoke with Caitlin Duggan, contributing writer from Byrdie, to tell us about how she looks after her curls during this time: “My tip would be to protect the scalp. A lot of people don’t apply SPF to the part of their hair and hairline which can lead to burns. These burns can inflame the scalp and impact overall scalp health and hair growth. Make sure to apply SPF or wear a hat to prevent this damage to your scalp. Healthy curls start at the scalp, so protect the health of your scalp!’’.


Keep your curls moisturized

Curly hair textures tend to be much drier and yearns for constant moisture, as the weather will get hotter, this can leave our hair much drier than usual. Using regular deep conditioning treatments with a good leave in conditioner will help to retain your curls from frizziness and a lack of moisture. To fight against humidity from the long summer days, add more moisture in your daily hair care regimen and follow up by sealing it in with a butter or mousse. 



Deep cleanse your curls

Deep cleansing your curls after being outside for a while is extremely vital. After all, our hair is exposed to the sun which can be damaging. This will help to remove any build up and toxins from our scalp and hair. Deep cleansing will exfoliate any dead skin cells that can clog your pores and encourage healthy hair growth. 


SPF is not only for our skin!

As Caitlin earlier mentioned, using SPF on our scalp can make a difference. Spritzing your hair and scalp with a hydrating and protective mist is a no-brainer during this time. SPF can help to protect your scalp from any damage from the sun shielding your hair from UVA and UVB rays as they can dry out the hair. Using products that can contain UV protection can also help safeguard your curls from the harsh sun like our Curl Enhancing Lotion which contains Baobab protein and has the ability to protect the hair from environmental damage.



Say yes to air dry!

Ditch the styling tools as much as possible, heat and curls do not mix! Air drying your hair is perfect for the summer season. When your hair is wet, you can add a curl controlling product like our curl styling paste to help the hair hold up during those humid days. To remove any excess water, you can always use our microfiber towel to help you along the process. 

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