How to Get Your Hair Growth Game Up This Year!

How to Get Your Hair Growth Game Up This Year!

We all strive to obtain healthy, natural hair that flourishes and curls that instantly pop! Let’s be honest though, there is no magic hair vitamin that can grow your mane overnight regardless of what you see on the gram.

From time to time we see our favorite natural hair influencers with gorgeous kinks and coils that is utter perfection and wonder what the secret is. The truth is maybe we need to start incorporating a strict routine accompanied by basic hair knowledge to help our curls thrive. Nowadays, there are a plethora of organic and vegan hair products to make life much easier and help us be our own definition of hair goals.

This year its all about the hair health! The average person’s hair grows about 1/2 inch a month or approximately six inches per year. Below we share our natural hair growth tips to help speed up your strand’s growth game and get you closer to a healthy hair lifestyle! 


Eat the right foods

Believe it or not your diet can affect both your skin and hair. Essentially, fatty acids especially Omega-3 can play a vital role in growing stronger hair and diets that are rich in fats, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins help to promote a healthier mane which will result in longer tresses. Eating more balanced foods can benefit your overall health in general and we have all heard the saying "you are what you eat" and that definitely applies to your hair as well so eat those veggies sis! 



 Trim regularly 

Growing up, most of us hated trimming our hair, loosing inches was a big deal and nothing to look forward to. But what we did not know was that those extra inches of dead hair were stunting our growth. Trimming your hair every few months will help your hair grow healthier and stronger. We would recommend going to a professional and trimming your hair every 2-3 months. When you notice split and fragile ends, its time to get a trim!


 Tea Tree oil

This essential oil is great for clearing the follicles and allowing your scalp to breathe leaving it moisturized while preventing build-up. Tea tree oil is one of the most effective in the essential oil tribe as it has a plethora of benefits from anti-fungal properties and much more. We would recommend mixing it with a carrier oil such as coconut or avocado oil and applying it regularly to your strands. You can also include it in your shampoo as massaging it into your scalp can promote growth and remove gunk from your scalp that's clogging your pores.


Limit the use of heat

We know we have mentioned this before in previous posts however, we cannot stress enough how important it is to stay off the heat. Blow dryers and styling tools can damage your hair by making them dry and brittle so try and lessen the use of excessive heat as much as possible. We all know straight hair is a flex and seeing those inches provides a sense of confidence but just remember that damaged hair does not grow so keep it to a minimum.



 L.C.O Method

Incorporating the L.C.O method and using leave in conditioners, oils, and creams will keep your hair moisturized and help it stay hydrated which prevents breakage leading to healthy hair growth. It's always important to not overdo this method though or you will find yourself with over saturated strands which isn't great either. Take your time finding the products that work for you and stick to your weekly routine for best results. Your hair will be down your back in no time!   

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