What is Heat Training for Natural Hair?

What is Heat Training for Natural Hair?

Anytime a curly haired girl hears the word heat, there is immediately so many negative connotations that come to mind such as damage, loosened curl texture, and much more which many of us are not here for! But, did you know that you can learn to heat train your hair safely? Heat training simply means you can train your hair to stay straight for longer periods of time after styling it with hot tools in the safest way possible.

What exactly is heat training?

Our hair is made up of chemical bonds and when the bonds are broken this can change the texture of our hair hence why we try our best to maintain these bonds as much as possible. Using a hot tool on the hair can break or loosen those bonds and if broken beyond repair can cause severe damage. This is similar to when you use a chemical relaxer on the hair; it can damage the bonds, better known as disulfide bonds, which determine how curly your hair is, so when these break your hair texture appears more straight.  


how to heat train natural hair


Heat training though is mostly achieved with repeatedly straightening the hair with an old school hot comb or good ol' flat iron without using so much heat that you damage your hair to no return. In this article, we share different ways on how you can heat train your hair without the irreversible damage. As silk press season approaches, some curly haired girls do like to opt for sleeker tresses without having to chemically process their hair. Heat training works really well to achieve the desired look without humidity completely ruining your hours worth of work within minutes. With the right routine and trusted stylist, you can maintain your natural hair without damaging your curls.


The basics

This is self-explanatory but starting off with a good shampoo and conditioner that are hydrating and anti-frizzing will help to train your hair from the get go. Doing your monthly protein treatments and trims can also help keep your hair in good condition as well so you immediately handle any irreversible damage before it can spread up any further. You can also take precautions such as sleeping with a satin bonnet or satin pillow to avoid excessive frizz, shedding, and breakage. All these steps will aid in keeping your hair healthy as you play around with new hairstyles this season. 


how to heat train natural hair

 How can you heat train your hair?

Investing in a professional flat iron or hot comb is key to starting this process off on the right foot. You want to essentially avoid passing the flat iron or hot comb over sections of your hair more than two times to get the straight look. Setting them on a lower heat can also help to heat train your hair but be sure that it is still hot enough to do the job so you don't over use it. 


how to heat train natural hair


Applying a heat protectant or nourishing leave in conditioner is important before you start the hair straightening process as well. You essentially want to add somewhat of a protective layer over your hair to help manage the heat intake so it doesn't completely fry and cause severe damage during styling. 


What is the difference between heat damaged and heat trained hair?

Some may wonder what the actual difference is, when the hair is heat damaged, it does not revert to its natural state. Your hair will become very dry and brittle which will lead to excessive shedding and breakage which does not hold onto its natural curly state. This will be a sign of damage whereas heat trained hair is training your hair to adapt to the heat without the damage. With proper maintenance and care, you can enjoy silk press season while still keeping your natural curls fully in tact.  

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