6 Natural Hairstyles We’re Loving For Festival Season!

6 Natural Hairstyles We’re Loving For Festival Season!

As the weather is getting hotter, you know what that means; festival season is upon us! Just in case you’re out of ideas on how to style your hair, we've got you completely covered. Keep reading as we have lots of ideas to share on how you can get heads turning for your upcoming festival.  


Knotless Braids

knotless braids space buns

Space Buns are such a popular choice for festivals due to its simplicity and it being a statement style. It's minimal maintenance and they look great during these warmer months. The two space buns work well for knotless braids giving you that extra edge and really lets your face do the talking!


Pastels are in

pastel pink afro hair festival

The ultimate festival look that anyone can rock! This screams ‘tell me you’re going to Afropunk without telling me you’re going to Afropunk’. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is perfect. It’s bright, vibrant and yells good vibes over here! There are so many temporary color options out there specifically for curly hair so yo get all the fun without the risk.


Curls for days long curly hair half up

The halfup-halfdown is such a classic look and we truly believe sometimes less is more. So if you love the whole, ‘I woke up like this’ vibes than this look is perfect for you. Festivals are all about minimal effort and this works great. The more texture the better, you can dance the day away with this style and not worry about how your hair will look in the warm weather. Be free and let your hair loose!


Bantu Knots bantu knots festival hair

Bantu Knots have been around for centuries and we love how over the years they keep making a comeback. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyonce have made it increasingly popular with both young and old. A great protective style for natural hair, it gives you that extra level of oomph and wow factor. Pair it with some colorful makeup or accessories and you can take this look from day party to afties! 


Afro Hair

This is giving us boho chic and we love how simplistic this style is, the colored fro looks great with the accessories and is a timeless look that just doesn't go out of style. Pair this with statement jewelry and you'll look flawless when Burna Boy is hitting the stage. 

Keeping it chic with an accent braid!

accent braid
This accent braided look across the forehead looks incredibly chic for festivals and is definitely a show stopper. The style is unique and super cute at the same time. Need we say more?! We can't think of anything more simple.
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