4 Ways to Maintain Natural Hair This Summer

4 Ways to Maintain Natural Hair This Summer

Summer has finally arrived but the majority of us have been in lockdown which has given us the opportunity to focus on our natural tresses and help it thrive to its fullest potential. Who doesn’t love summer where the heat feels great on our melanin skin? Although it's all fun and games in the sun, this can take a toll on our hair. It is a well-known fact that natural hair can become more dehydrated during the summer due to a plethora of reasons. Increased sun exposure can eliminate the keratin in our natural tresses which can make the hair weaker and lose its luster. There is no denying that summer is a great time to rock our God-given fro in all its entirety during the warmer climate, however, keeping your natural hair healthy during this season can come with its own challenges.


 Stay hydrated

Ladies, don’t forget that good old H20! Yes, it is an adage but water works to help our skin and hair glowing. When the body is dehydrated this will have an effect on our hair, so start drinking lots of it! Your hair will thank you later in the long run and you'll stay thirst-free in the hot weather.


 hair conditioner

Condition, condition, condition!

We all want our hair to look fresh, right? Conditioning more during this climate will keep your hair feeling nourished. Using Pink Root's ‘Leave-in Conditioner,’ infused with sweet almond oil and castor oil, will add sheen and increase volume. We also recommend a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks https://www.pinkrootproducts.com/products/leave-in-conditioner.



Keep your hair as moisturized as possible! Warmer days can leave your hair dehydrated so incorporate nourishing oils such as argan, jojoba, coconut oil (maybe not all at once!) into your routine. The list of helpful oils is endless and can help keep your hair hydrated and soft during the heat.


Wear a hat

Start stocking up on those summer hats. Hats can be fun in the summer and are a great way to explore your style. If you will be spending a long amount of time outside, invest in a summer hat. It's a great way to jazz up a cute outfit but most importantly, it helps to keep your hair protected. A silk scarf can also protect the hair from tugging onto any rough material before you rock a hat.

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