5 Natural Hairstyles That You Will Love This Spring

5 Natural Hairstyles That You Will Love This Spring

Spring is officially around the corner, and we can’t wait! It has been one hell of a winter and as most of you know, the freezing weather can be super damaging to our curls. The cold air leaves our hair prone to breakage due to the harsh conditions and a lack of moisture in the air. This new season is about having minimal effort, care-free hairstyles and just having fun with your look. So, stick around, we have all the hair inspiration you need this spring season.


Accessories are back

Curly hair with gold accessories


Growing up we all loved accessories for our hair, they were bold and another way to express our personal style. Well, they are back with a bang and bolder than ever! You name it, from bright head scarfs, headbands, to hair clips, and much more. We saw a plethora of hair accessories gracing the catwalks during fashion week in London and Paris. They can really add that extra level of pizazz to your hairstyle. 

Butterfly Locs

Short Butterfly Locs


Butterfly locs are everywhere, from celebrities to the girl next door. Our favorite celebrities like Megan Good and Ciara, are rocking them with pride. The effortless style has become popular with many due to its minimal maintenance. Celebrity hair stylist Sabrina Porsche states “Butterfly locs are the new big thing in the braid world!” Also known as distressed locs are the bohemian cousins to faux locs and many women are opting for them as you can still maintain and keep your scalp healthy. Just remember not to add too much tension to your edges or this style won't be so protective after all. 



Textured Ponytail


Another style we saw on the runway this year are ponytails - I mean who doesn’t love a cute slick back pony? A put together and classy ponytail looks great. We know that as natural hair queens, it can oftne be quite a task to throw our hair in a slick back ponytail but no need to stress. From afro-puffs, to slick back, low pony, etc. there are so many different versatile ways in which this style can be worn and can easily transition from day or night. It can make the simplest outfit look even better. 


3D Curls

3D Curls


3D curls are making their rounds and we absolutely love them; we hope that they’re here to stay and aren't just another fad. As women are embracing their natural hair texture more than ever, its no wonder that curly hair celebrities such as Tracee Ellis Ross makes her curls pop and look as dimensional as possible even on the red carpet. With a specific technique that is rather simple and not too time consuming, 3D curls look amazing when shiny and mostly importantly, healthy! We can’t wait to see more of the 3D curls style. 


Blonde Knotless Braids

Beyonce blonde knotless braids


Last year we saw a surge of women flock to get knotless braids, due to its low maintenance style and its versatility because they look great during any season. Women are experimenting with their look more than ever and what better way to play than to go blonde. As the saying goes "Blondes have more fun" right? Blonde braids look great and it's a safe and healthy way to play with color. If you’re not feeling super brave, why not mix the colors for a more subtle look! This is yet another style that we’re super excited to see this spring. 


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