5 Healthy Hair Habits to Adopt in 2022

5 Healthy Hair Habits to Adopt in 2022

We can all agree that having natural hair is an absolute work of art. From our different kinks and coils or whether you have a 2C or 4B curl pattern, natural hair is beautiful, but it does take a lot of effort and work which won't be changing as we enter 2022. 

Over the recent years we have seen the surge of natural hair influencers, products, creators, and hair gurus give us much needed advice on how to properly look after our delicate tresses. Even celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon sharing their hair secrets on their luscious locs. From the likes of Cardi B, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Gabrielle Union, there are so many new products and tips out there on how to manage our different hair types. One thing for sure that we can all agree on though is that we are all obsessed with expansive growth and maintaining healthy hair is our top priority.

As we are entering a new year, we want to be on our A-game regarding our natural hair so here are some tired and true tips to help you to reach your hair goals this new year. 


Look after your scalp

A healthy scalp can help the hair to grow and thrive. Giving your scalp some good old TLC can make a world of a difference to your growth goals. Take some time out during week to massage your scalp with your fingers, you can also use your favorite oils or do it in a hot steamy shower to help promote circulation which in turns promotes new growth. 


Detangle with patience

Detangling your hair should be done with extra care, do not rush this process! If it's easier for your specific hair texture, try and detangle your hair in sections. This makes you feel much less frustrated and reduces pulling and tearing. Using the correct hair tools to detangle helps to make the process much easier as well. You can also use your favourite conditioner whilst detangling, this can help to separate your curls. Using your fingers before a comb can help you to identify any knots and tangles with your fingers to pull them apart with gentle care.


Moisturize and seal ends

Looking after the ends of your hair is extremely important as it can be the most fragile. Our ends need to be hydrated properly to avoid breakage and split ends. Moisturizing and sealing your ends can lend a helping hand with length retention as this helps prevent further breakage that can travel up the hair shaft and create further irreversible damage. Sealing your ends with organic elements like shea butter can help bring life to your ends as well as keeping up with your regular trims to help your kinks and coils flourish.


Pre-poo before shampoo

A pree-poo treatment is applied to the hair and scalp before the shampoo process. This can also be a deep conditioner treatment but prior to washing the hair. Doing this on a regular basis has a plethora of benefits such as preserving some of your hair’s natural oils and making the detangling process much easier which reduces shedding and retains moisture. Popular pree-poos can be found right in your home and can vary from coconut oil, olive oil, good old bananas and much more. Time to start raiding your kitchen cabinets before wash day! 


Use that heat protectant

Using a heat protectant will help to protect your hair and avoid any further damage when you're aiming for a straight look. There are a variety of heat protectants that will look after your hair and keep it from heat damage. Some popular ones can be leave in conditioners applied to the hair when wet or Argan oils which are known for protecting your hair from high heat and keeping the hair shiny for days on end. 

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